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Cyber Escape Room

Our innovative Cybersecurity Escape Room experience builds security awareness concepts into an engaging team experience people actually enjoy.  Watch the video here.

Training that People Actually Enjoy

Continuous cybersecurity learning that reduces risk

Customized Curriculum

Unique storylines crafted around team’s risk areas


Relatable content tailored to current threat landscape


Immersive & engaging learning method increases adoption

Before & After Assessment

Pre & Post quiz assesses teams’ cybersecurity strengths and weaknesses


Delivery allows teams to track and measure achievement of learning objectives


Proven techniques motivate behavior change

Cybersecurity Escape Rooms

Increase engagement and retention and empower a positive security culture across your team through a hands-on and interactive training experience. Perfect for new hire onboarding, monthly or quarterly training, Cybersecurity Awareness Month and other educational events throughout the year. Our train the trainer model and Living Security certified training program (LS-Cert) gives you everything you need to market, manage host and measure the experience easily.

Year Round Engagement

Refreshed content customized for your team enables year round engagement through an experience your team will enjoy.

“We used Living Security for the escape the room and I highly recommend them! This was a completely flawless, extremely engaging, and enjoyable event (for all of us). Everyone left laughing and educated which will do wonders for our compliance focused culture. ”

— Security Awareness Program Owner, CVS Health

New Hire Training

Comprehensive, engaging training experience allows teams’ to seamlessly onboard new hires and cultivate a positive security culture on day one.

"We had an extremely engaging event. Most of the users that went through were not from IT and were very hesitant in the beginning but by the end, they were all raving on how much fun they had and how much they learned."

— Information Security Specialist, Large Municipality

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Experiential learning provides a mechanism to train and engage your extended teams during this important annual initiative, observed in October, and build a smart security team across the enterprise.

"Fun and interactive way to learn new concepts. Much more enjoyable than a Powerpoint slide deck. More trainings should be conducted creatively like this."

— Security Awareness Program Owner, Splunk


  • Secureit!

    Foundational-concept storyline centering on identifying and security policy violations in the workplace.

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  • Gone Phishing

    Intermediate-concept storyline centered on real life social engineering tactics used by today's cyber criminals.

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  • Critical Mass

    Discover current and next-level security concepts on a fundamental level to help improve secure decision-making.

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  • Med Room

    COMING SOON! Designed for fast-paced environments, this room is clinician specific and bridges the connection between cybersecurity and flesh and blood.

  • OT Escape Room

    COMING SOON! Protecting our critical infrastructure is vital. This room introduces OT and ICS concepts in a tangible way to participants.


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