National Cybersecurity Awareness Month...GONE VIRTUAL Package!
October is just around the corner -- what’s your plan to make your NCSAM program 100% virtual? We've got you covered.



Experience intermediate cybersecurity awareness training to help end users understand that cybersecurity is everyone’s responsibility.


In this heart-pounding thriller, the world’s top-AI company, True Eye, becomes the darling of global innovation with the launch of their latest personal assistant, GUIDE. Everything seems too good to be true, until it really is. One employee goes missing, GUIDE begins to malfunction and True Eye’s newest employee, Adrian Bridges, must act fast before he becomes another casualty. Blackmail has its consequences... especially when technology is making all the calls. Viewer beware: you may get goosebumps. (Rated S for Secure).


General End User

Time Investment:

30-60 minutes

Difficulty level:


Marketing Kits:

Make use of our included graphics, fliers and emails to excite your users and drive participation.


Customized for your organization’s culture and compliance requirements.

Integrated Puzzles

Explore our integrated puzzles and games.

Learning Concepts

  • Risk Assessment
  • Data Classification
  • Threat Modeling
  • Vishing Awareness
  • Ethical Decision-Making
  • Situational Awareness
  • Policy Comprehension
  • OpSec/Reporting

Logistics / FAQ

Targeted Training

Select the modules you want for the training criteria you need.

Select Your Users

Pick your deployment date, select your users and let the fun begin.


Get insight into your employees understanding and areas of risk with our industry-first metrics.

Online Training

Our gamified training platform allows program owners to assign users training and track through completion and beyond. Our interactive video series are broken into episodes that cover critical security awareness concepts through story based learning and interactive puzzles. Customize your program through the addition of role and concept specific micro-modules and incentivize completion through leaderboard challenges and rewards and recognition. Series and modules are also available in your SCORM packages for delivery on your LMS.


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