Online Training: True Eye

Experience intermediate-advanced coding training that help developers understand that code affects people not just software.


True Eye is a sci-fi series that chronicles the life of coder Adrian Armstrong as he begins a new job at the successful AI giant True Eye. All is not what it seems at True Eye, and Adrian quickly gets caught up in more than he bargained for with a simple bug fix. His tale is woven together with videos he sends to you-his former colleague, interactions with his awkward boss, and a certain stranger who keeps popping up. While the future of AI is bright, who can be trusted with that much power?

Audience: General End User

Difficulty Level: Intermediate

Details: Customized for your organization's culture and compliance requirements.

Time Investment: 30-60 minutes

Marketing Kits: Make use of our included graphics, fliers and emails to excite your users and drive participation.

Major Themes

Intermediate cybersecurity awareness training to help end users understand that cybersecurity is everyone's responsibility.

Learning Concepts

  1. Risk Assessment
  2. Data Clarification
  3. Threat Modeling
  4. Phishing Awareness
  5. Ethical Decision-Making
  6. Situational Awareness
  7. Policy Comprehension
  8. OpSec/Reporting

Logistics [FAQ]

Targeted Training: Select the modules you want for the training criteria you need.

Select Your Users: Pick your deployment date, select your users and let the fun begin.

Metrics:  Get insight into your employees understanding and areas of risk with our industry-first metrics.


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