National Cybersecurity Awareness Month...GONE VIRTUAL Package!
October is just around the corner -- what’s your plan to make your NCSAM program 100% virtual? We've got you covered.

Online Training: T.G.I.S.

Learn foundational-intermediate cybersecurity concepts for end users including MFA, Phishing, Mobile security and reporting awareness.


Thank Goodness It's Secure is an episodic sitcom set in local coffee shop, The Ground Truth, and follows the life of new barista, Allie Button, as she learns to take control of her life. The shop's lovable regulars, businessmen, entrepreneurs, jobseekers, keep her preoccupied with no shortage of trials as they grow together to lead more secure lifestyles.

Audience: General End User

Difficulty Level: Foundational-Intermediate

Details: Customized for your organization's culture and compliance requirements.

Time Investment: 30-60 minutes

Marketing Kits: Make use of our included graphics, fliers and emails to excite your users and drive participation.

Major Themes

Foundational-Intermediate cybersecurity concepts for end users which includes MFA, Phishing, Mobile security and reporting awareness.

Learning Concepts

  1. Multi-Factor Authentication
  2. Remote Access
  3. Mobile Phishing
  4. Incident Reporting
  5. Identity Theft
  6. Breach Notification
  7. Social Engineering
  8. Policy & Compliance

Logistics [FAQ]

Targeted Training: Select the modules you want for the training criteria you need.

Select Your Users: Pick your deployment date, select your users and let the fun begin.

Metrics:  Get insight into your employees understanding and areas of risk with our industry-first metrics.