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It’s time to transform your security awareness training

Best-in-class, high production value training programs for your organization. Don’t just check the box, change your employees’ behavior.
Content for Everyone

We have something for all levels and functions. Customizable and flexible options, meeting all of your organization’s use cases.

Customizable training campaigns.
We have something for all levels and functions. Customizable and flexible options, meeting all of your organization’s use cases.
Active learning simulations.
Innovative puzzles and quizzes enable active learning that drives retention.
Bite-size content.
Easily consumable, high-production micro- and nano-modules are short, sweet and to the point.
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Learning that Adapts with Personalization and Targeting

Security Awareness can’t be one-size-fits-all. You need options.

Designed for your culture.
Plug and play modules, time adjustable campaigns and packaging options. Content variety that resonates across diverse user bases.
Policy Integration.
Build your policies directly into the training.
Role-Based Training.
Increase relevance and effectiveness by targeting groups of users with the training they need most.
Our employees loved it, our ambassadors loved it and we received such great feedback! Their data provides insight into our employees security knowledge, which empowers us to know where we are and where we can improve.
Julie Rinehart
Security Awareness Program Owner
CVS Health
It’s Game Time for a Better Learning Experience.

Acquiring knowledge should be fun and engaging so people WANT to learn. Gamification increases motivation and creates a fun, human-focused experience.

Gamify your program.
Leverage bonus points, puzzles and incentives to get users engaged.
Immersive experiences.
Training experiences are brought to life through engaging storylines and relevant puzzles that people actually enjoy.
Company-wide leaderboard.
Friendly competition increases engagement. Segment teams by department or location, and incentivize participation.
“The Living Security Platform hit on all of the elements I want in a product. It involved gamification while learning and had features on the back end that would help us develop our program. It was easy to send out, users could solve the puzzles and complete the training and at the same time we were getting data on the back end.”
Deb Walter
Manager of Information Security Training and Awareness
Keep Humans on Task and Risk on Track

Gain deep insight into your vulnerabilities and areas of risk with state-of-the-art analytics and reporting

Baseline risks across concepts.
Baseline and measure human risk over time.
Track and measure progress.
Measure engagement and retention across risk and concept categories.
Proven ROI.
Actionable insight in reporting allows you to further target your training program to the risky areas, and employees, that need it most.
Team Training in Action

The most innovative solutions to team-building and training, while ensuring your organization is secure.

CyberEscape Online.
Teams work together to “escape”, solving online puzzles while learning cybersecurity fundamentals.
Role-Based Content Packs.
6-10 participants plus one facilitator on your video conferencing application.
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