National Cybersecurity Awareness Month...GONE VIRTUAL Package!
October is just around the corner -- what’s your plan to make your NCSAM program 100% virtual? We've got you covered.

Escape Room: SecureIt!

Foundational-concept storyline centering on identifying and securing policy violations in the workplace.


Global conglomerate, Gizmo, is mounting a company-wide search and secure campaign called "SecureIT!" to identify security violations and look into a possible data breach. Leadership has tasked a brilliant team of investigators to identify and contain that risk. You are that team.

Audience: General User

Details: Customized for your organization's culture and compliance requirements.

Time: 20, 30 and 60 minute room options.

Marketing Kits: Make use of our included graphics, fliers and emails to excite your users and drive participation.


Major Themes

The ‘SecureIT!’ storyline is a foundational-concept training that centers on identifying policy violations in a given environment. This introduces the brick and mortar security concepts and lays the groundwork for follow-on intermediate and advanced training initiatives.

Learning Concepts

  1. Password Hygiene
  2. Assessing for Phishing Emails
  3. Securing Sensitive Data
  4. Incident Reporting
  5. IoT Security
  6. Physical Security
  7. Badge Security
  8. Workstation Hygiene

Logistics [FAQ]

Setup/Breakdown: Setup-60 Minutes, Reset-5 Minutes. Breakdown-30 Minutes

Conference Room: Minimum Size-10'x10', with 6 chairs, Maximum Size-None Requirements-Power