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Customized Cybersecurity Training That’s Fun & Effective

Our online security awareness training platform leverages game based learning and a custom curriculum to make cybersecurity awareness training fun and effective. Request a demo today to see how our platform can build a culture of cybersecurity for your organization!


Engaging Training Series for Your Team

True Eye:
Living Security’s latest series based on a near-future world where AI is much more prevalent and bordering on sentient. Learning Concepts: Risk Assesment, Data Classification, Threat Modeling, Vishing Awareness, Ethical-Making, Situational Awareness, Policy Comprehension & OpSec / Reporting

T.G.I.S. (Thank Goodness It’s Secure):
is a more light-hearted scenario. It follows Allie, a customer-turned-barista who becomes fast-friends with coffee shop regulars. Learning Concepts: Multi-Factor Authentication, Remote Access, Mobile Phishing, Incident Reporting, Identity Theft, Breach Notification, Social Engineering, Policy & Compliance

Simon Says:
Living Security’s first series, a psychological thriller! It’s the story of a robotics expert accused of murder, who ulitmately reveals that a clone of his creation may be behind it all. Learning Concepts: Password Hygiene, Secure Data Storage, Phishing Awareness, Physical Security, Social Media Privacy, Safety Online, Device Security, Default Credentials

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“The Living Security Platform hit on all of the elements I would want in a product. It involved gamification while learning and had features on the back end that would help us develop our program. It was easy to send out, users could solve the puzzles and complete the training and at the same time we were getting data on the back end.”

Deb Walter
Manager of Information Security Training
and Awareness at AmerisourceBergen

“We used Living Security for the escape the room and I highly recommend them! This was a completely flawless, extremely engaging, and enjoyable event (for all of us). Everyone left laughing and educated which will do wonders for our compliance focused culture. ”

Security Awareness Program Owner
CVS Health

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