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Customized Online Cyber Security Awareness Training

Online security awareness training platform leverages game based learning and a custom curriculum to make cybersecurity awareness training fun and effective with the ability to scale.

Security Awareness Training Built to Scale

Scale online cybersecurity awareness training to engage more employees. Security awareness training is an education process that teaches employees about cybersecurity, IT best practices, and even regulatory compliance. With regular training for employees, businesses can significantly reduce risk, decrease infections and related help desk costs, have fewer breaches that protect their reputation, and secure their overall cybersecurity investment.

Live Action Video Series

High production content crafted around your teams' risk areas

Intelligence Based Content

Content created by our intelligence team keeps pace with emerging threats which means employees know how to respond when challenged


Immersive & engaging learning method increases adoption


Role based and concept specific modules are built in for a customized program

Smart Analytics

Our human risk dashboard gives greater insight in to your human risk for informed decision making


Proven techniques motivate behavior change

Living Security - Online Platform

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Hosted Platform or SCORM Delivery

Our gamified training platform allows program owners to assign employees training and track through completion and beyond. Our interactive video series are broken in to episodes that cover critical cybersecurity awareness concepts through story based learning and interactive puzzles. Customize your program through the addition of role and concept specific micro-modules and incentivize completion through leaderboard challenges and rewards and recognition. Series and modules are also available in your SCORM packages for delivery on your LMS.

Annual Cyber Awareness Training

Living Securities annual compliance training features relatable content customized for your team enables year round engagement and compliance with smart analytics to measure success.

“Living Security is on the cutting edge of where we need to get to in terms of how we are training our associates—gamification and small tidbits of information at a pace that works for them."

— Manager of Information Security Training and Awareness, AmerisourceBergen

New Hire Training

Comprehensive, engaging cyber awareness training allows teams to seamlessly onboard new hires with critical security concepts while cultivating a positive security culture on day one.

“The Living Security Platform hit on all of the elements I would want in a security awareness training product. It involved gamification while learning and had features on the back end that would help us develop our program.”

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Game-based training experiences provide a mechanism to train and engage your extended team during this important annual initiative, observed in October. Add in rewards and let your platform track completion and competition across the enterprise.

“Training people in unconventional ways increases their attention during the training, and the more you keep reinforcing best practices, the more you will move the needle. The platform delivers that repetition in an engaging way.”

Role Based Cyber Awareness Training

Customize the platform training series and module to cover the most important and relatable concepts for the highly targeted roles in your organization.

"It's a fun way to raise Cybersecurity Awareness, and to demonstrate how cyber criminals use different types of methods to mislead you into giving up sensitive information. You see the red flags that indicate a phishing email with malicious intent and players were reminded how important it is to protect their passwords."

Training Series

  • Simon Says

    Become a part of the story as a remote team agent as you solve puzzles, answer security questions and identify security missteps.

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  • T.G.I.S.

    Learn foundational-intermediate cybersecurity concepts for end users including MFA, Phishing, Mobile security and reporting awareness.

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  • True Eye

    Experience intermediate-advanced coding training that help developers understand that code affects people not just software.

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