October is

Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is here! Thanks for making us an integral part of your best NCSAM ever!
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Cyber Security
Awareness Month
"Gone Virtual"
Fully Remote &
Fully Engaged!
See Why More Enterprises Choose Living Security to Replace Their Old Cybersecurity Training and Awareness Programs

94% of attendees preferred Living Security over their prior cyber security training.
99% would recommend Living Security to a co-worker.

NCSAM “Gone Virtual”
from Living Security
A fully digital, gamified, month-long experience that will engage your teams with sessions and content they will never forget.
  • CyberEscape Online for all your team members
  • Hollywood-style video series
  • Over 20 cybersecurity “nano-modules”
  • Security Improv sessions
  • Hacker Expert Session
  • Virtual Games
  • Company-wide Leaderboard
  • Metrics & Analytics
  • Complete Promotional Toolkit
  • And much more…
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Do Your Part. #BeCyberSmart

Make cyber security awareness month the start of something great. This year’s theme hits home with a key message of “If you connect it, protect it”. Help your organization implement better security practices, improve awareness and help your employees understand the “why” behind the cybersecurity policies that are there to protect them and the organization.

Remote work blends the lines of personal and professional cyber security. Your employees will learn how to keep themselves and your sensitive professional data safe.

Living Security is changing the cyber security awareness industry by going beyond compliance to make learning fun, engaging, memorable and impactful.

Join us for Cyber Security Awareness Month!

Week 1: Security Basics
Week 2: Device Security
Week 3: Phishing & Social Engineering
Week 4: Threats, Vulnerabilities & Risks
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