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The results are in, and the Breaking Security Awareness Conference was a hit! And also, the largest cybersecurity awareness conference...ever!

We’ve captured the key insights from our slate of cybersecurity awareness visionaries, and we wanted to be sure to share with you ASAP.

Hear how leaders from multiple disciplines are using scientific breakthroughs and innovative programming to “break” cybersecurity awareness--making a real difference in outcomes with leading companies throughout the world.

SEE BELOW for a quick recap of best practices, ideas, and solutions you can put into action TODAY. You’ll also find links to recordings of each of the sessions. Enjoy! And please let us know how Living Security can help you achieve your goals.


Conference Kickoff - Ashley Rose & Drew Rose

Welcome to the Breaking Cybersecurity Awareness Conference - the largest cybersecurity awareness conference EVER. See the kickoff and what attendees are taking away from this event--with Living Security founders, Ashley Rose and Drew Rose.


Opening Keynote: Can Gamification Be Used to Reduce Risk?

Yu-Kai Chou
See how “human-focused” design vs. “function-focused” design makes a real difference in outcomes. Discover how to pinpoint what motivates people to learn, and how to build that into smart programs that have a real impact for your organization. Learn “what drives behavior”, and how you can create an internal drive among your teams to create REAL engagement and measurable outcomes in your security awareness programs.


Red Herring or the Reel Deal? Behavioral Insights in Security Awareness

Evie Monnington-Taylor
Learn how decisions can be driven by contextual cues, and how leading organizations have used these insights to drive real and measurable change in security awareness. Discover how the E.A.S.T. framework can take your security awareness program to the next level of maturity, and see specific examples of how randomized testing has driven measurable results with U.K. police forces, and can drive measurable results with your organization. For participant questions following this session, please view our FAQ page.

Panel: Learning Diversity in Security Awareness

Kim Burton, Talya Gepner, Lauren Zink, Kelley Bray
Hear from leading security awareness practitioners as they unpack how they have tackled their jobs (and challenges) to make their cybersecurity awareness programs second-to-none in the industry. Be curious, use data, be flexible, partner with leadership, and keep an open mind are some of the specifics that make for a great program -- how to mitigate risk and make a program that truly “cuts through” the noise of the day-to-day. For participant questions following this session, please view our FAQ page.

Panel: Stories From the Field

Shawnee Delaney, Travis Leblanc, Graham Westbrook
In this fascinating session, learn how the “bad guys” exploit human nature to capture our most intimate secrets -- exploiting us for detailed intelligence. From seemingly random interactions, to specific tactics, learn how spies and human intelligence professionals find ways in through human interaction as well as social media -- even with the most seasoned cyber-intelligence professionals. This is an illuminating session that you won’t want to miss.

Panel: Influential Data: Using Metrics to Improve Outcomes

Friedrich Wetschnig, Wolf Goerlich, Chengxi Wang
In this highly practical session, security awareness pros talk about specific tactics they use to build programs THAT WORK. Because human error is the most prevalent risk in cybersecurity, how do you mitigate the problem? Data can be the answer. Human memory is a risk factor, and frequent, engaging, bite-sized reminders make a real difference. Automating programs for specific user-types and engaging with teams on results can make a real impact. Empathy training vs. “dropping the hammer” can make a difference in your organization -- see how, in this insightful and practical session.

Panel: Hacking Security Culture

Manju Mude, Chris Hadnagy, Shawn Bowen, David Spark
In this engaging session, security awareness pros flip-the-script! What are the terrible ideas for cybersecurity awareness training, and why are they “good?” A thought-provoking session on what to do, and what NOT to do, how to plan, how to measure ROI, and practices that can make-or-break your security awareness program - regardless of your budget. Hosted by David Spark, this is an incredibly fun session you won’t want to miss.

Closing Keynote: Matt Wallaert

Matt Wallert
Learn how people believe they are “better” than average...and why. Discover how you can break through their perceptions and drive real change in their behavior -- with M&Ms as a perfect backdrop to why we do what we do. Logic vs. Process. Intuitive vs Mindful. This session will really make you think about what matters in cybersecurity.

Closing Remarks: Cybersecurity Awareness, 2030

Chris Nickerson

Where is cybersecurity going? How do we protect ourselves (and our organization) in an increasingly digital world? Observing emotion in the digital world and understanding our online personas can be key. Neuroplasticity principles tell us the brain can change - how can we drive that change in our organizations? For visionaries, join this session to think 10 years ahead of where your program is going -- a can’t-miss session for visionary thinkers and leaders. For participant questions following this session, please view our FAQ page.