TheLocals Triumph @ HackerHalted 2018

Last week, Living Security attended Hacker Halted Conference in Atlanta Georgia. We unveiled our newly designed Escape Room, Counterhack 1943: Solving the Enigma. It was a great showing and while there was strong competition, victory went to TheLocals with an impressive time of 8:17! We’d like to give a special thank you to both Team Asia and Team North America from the Global Cyberlympics for your participation. And a special shout-out to Gregory “Mobman” Hanis, who holds the record for participating in the most Living Security Escape Rooms – currently at 5 and counting! Fun fact from our participants – beer and wine did NOT make the room easier!

The Living Security Escape Room is an effective tool in reducing risk by improving security culture with a comprehensive security awareness program. By experiencing security concepts through hands-on interactive learning, participants gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of security risks to enable behavior change.

Hacker Halted is a global series of computer and information security conferences presented by EC-Council. The objective of the hacker halted conferences is to raise international awareness towards increased education and ethics in IT security.

Just around the corner, in October, we are launching Cyber Escape, a security awareness game for employees that is completely digital and can scale around the world. If you signed up at the conference for a demo, you will be receiving an email from us soon. 

Missed the sign up? Click here to sign up for a demo account now!