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The Case for High Quality Swag in Your Security Awareness Program


Security Awareness Program


Take a look around your home or office -- do you see at least one item with a brand name or logo on it? Are you the proud parent with a school decal on your SUV, or do you use a branded bottle opener that you received from a past event? Swag is a powerful opportunity for Security Awareness professionals to interact and incentivize their users. Toss aside your past perceptions of low quality swag such as pens, stress balls, and coozies – dream bigger! Envision tumblers, personalized leather notebooks, and other quality items that allow the opportunity to transport the recipient back to the positive experience of your program and the benefits of security in their lives. Your swag serves as a personal opportunity to conjure emotion in your users and connect with them outside of the training. Swag is also accessible -- for a few hundred dollars, you can generate quality items that will serve as powerful marketing tools for continued engagement over time. Consider what a great opportunity this is!

Why invest in high quality swag? If you want to be a valued and respected component of your organization, you need to give your users a top quality experience, and swag serves as a powerful way to hold a person’s attention. When choosing swag, ask yourself if the item is useful, if it will add value to your client, and if it’s popular in our world today. Capitalize on trends, such as Yetis and S’well bottles, and add your company’s branding to these already beloved items. Choosing quality swag that will add value will not only spark excitement about security, but it will also entice your users to keep your item accessible. Think about the last event you attended -- were you excited to receive the swag? Did it leave you with an impression of the business or event? Investing in quality swag for your Security Awareness Program evokes conversations about your program while promoting a positive security culture within an organization. Missed opportunities, on the other hand, can easily get your items tossed into the nearest trashcan, thereby wasting your hard earned money and stagnating the growth of your program. Your swag is a great reminder of your user’s experience long after they complete your training -- how do you want to be remembered?

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