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Infosecurity North America was a Winning Experience with Living Security!

Infosecurity North America was a Winning Experience with Living Security!


Infosecurity brought its leading cybersecurity conference to North America, and did so with great success! The conference was co-located with ISC East and Unmanned Security Expo, with attendees from all three conferences testing their security skills in the Living Security Escape Room.

The attendees at the conference had a blast solving their way through the Living Security WWII-themed Escape Room. The Living Security Escape Room is an immersive training experience that builds security awareness concepts into a fun team exercise, increasing participant’s retention and understanding of security risks to create positive behavior changes.

The multi-conference event brought together a mix of highly-engaged  teams! The conference attendees, in teams of 6-8, solved their way through the room, racing against the clock and competing for the best time. The winning team from Proven Data was aptly named The Winners!

Check out photos of the teams having fun conquering the Escape Room below! If you want to bring the Living Security Escape Room to your event, check us out or send us an email.

In October, Living Security launched Cyber Escape, a digital security awareness training platform, specifically designed and developed to help organizations train their employees on security best practices and compliance standards, while providing valuable metrics pertaining to the unique security culture of their organization. Learn more and begin experiencing game-changing security awareness.

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