National Cybersecurity Awareness Month...GONE VIRTUAL Package!
October is just around the corner -- what’s your plan to make your NCSAM program 100% virtual? We've got you covered.

Forget SXSW, The Living Security Escape Room at BSidesAustin was the place to be!

Forget SXSW

No matter how full the Escape Room is going in to a conference, by the 2nd day, the same thing always happens! Our fun event has a viral effect and we always have a large group of people at the end that can't get in! So for the lucky ones that did, please spread the word to SIGN UP EARLY for our next event!

BSidesAustin was one of my favorite BSides so far. I am probably a little bias being from the area but we got to meet and interact with some awesome people that are doing great things for Security!  To view and download all the pics from the event click here.

The fun & learning doesn't stop on the conference floor, this experience is one that participants remember. That is why we use Escape Rooms as a teaching tool for Security Awareness concepts for employees in organizations. "When learners feel positive about their learning process and know that they are going to be rewarded in some way for their efforts, then they stop becoming passive observers and turn into active participants. By doing so, they are able to effectively absorb the information and commit it to the long-term memory." - ELearning Industry

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