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Cyber Escape Room - BSides Tampa Results

Cyber Escape Room

The experience in a Cyber Escape Room is unique. Tampa sure knows how to do BSides! From food trucks, to car hacking, amazing speakers and of course The Living Security Escape Room, 750+ people from Student to Executive had a fantastic time at the event!

We started off the day with 8 completely filled sessions and had to open up an additional room to host more people. We ended up running over 80 participants through the Cyber Escape Room and everyone had a great time! One group, including many of the speakers at the event, had so much fun, they insisted on going through the second (completely different) room. They gave themselves the team name, Team First Place, and finished both rooms with the best time and were awarded first place! You may recognize a couple of these industry veterans, Ira Winkler and Greg Hanis. Congrats!

Living Security will be hosting The Living Security Escape Room at many more conferences this year. Next, we will be at BSides NOVA February 23-25th.

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