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Behind the Scenes: True Eye Film Shoot

What is True Eye? This is our True Eye Film Shoot.

True Eye is a Hollywood-style thriller that doubles as security awareness training for employees. The video series focuses on a new-hire employee through his first day at a global technology firm. His policy orientation and security training quickly spin into chaos as his personal AI-device, "Guide," starts asking him to do unethical and even dangerous things with sensitive data. The adventure offers a glimpse into proper operational security, how technology affects people and what we can do about it. 

OK, So What?!

Well, here's why we made True Eye...

  1. People are tired of death-by-powerpoint. The traditional training of the past is not engaging enough to increase awareness and reduce risk among end-users. The solution lies in designing security programs for real people and not just check-boxes. What works? Quality video content! Americans, on average, watch nearly 8 hours of television... per day. Whatever you think of that stat, film is clearly a medium through which people enjoy consuming content. By creating high-quality, Hollywood-style content to meet and exceed expectations in workplace training,  the security awareness team will significantly increase viewership, engagement and retention. In sum? Emotions play a key role in kickstarting security culture change.
  2. Technology doesn't wait on us. Current and emerging threats continue to wreak havoc against corporate organizations and people often feel ill-equipped to fight back. So, we decided to train for the next threat, not the last one. In this case, we highlight the risks that artificial intelligence poses to people and the necessity of healthy paranoia. MIT predicts the emergence of an AI-arms race in the next couple years, and intelligence firms are warning that "terrorist groups [are using] AI in a number of ways, from social network mapping to AI-enabled drone swarming to the automation of social engineering attacks." Soldier, this is not a drill! Great training is powerful AND relevant to current and emerging threats.
  3. We care. Finally, we made True Eye because we care! About YOU, your people and your organizational security. And we believe people deserve the best security awareness training possible. Psychology research tells us that means we must decrease cognitive load, provide timely resources and understand the cultural fabric of each organization we serve. Done, done and done. We got you!

So, How’d You Make True Eye? Take Me Behind the Scenes...

We originally wrote True Eye to be a video series for developers. We had a sinister CEO (antagonist), bug fixes (e.g. SQLi) and a dystopian story-line. But we quickly realized there was more to the True Eye world than we first thought. 😎 So we went back to the drawing board and put together a new storyline and teaser for every employee to learn something new:

In this heart-pounding thriller, the world’s top-AI company, True Eye, becomes the darling of global innovation with the launch of their latest personal assistant, GUIDE. Everything seems too good to be true, until it really is. One employee goes missing, GUIDE begins to malfunction and True Eye’s newest employee, Adrian Bridges, must act fast before he becomes another casualty. Blackmail has its consequences... especially when technology is making all the calls. Viewer beware: you may get goosebumps. (Rated S for Secure).

Since then, we have launched the True Eye series to a number of clients, created immersive puzzles to solve in between episodes, launched modules related to the story-line, captured metrics on user interaction and provided support from beginning to end!


Here are just a few shots from Behind the Scenes on set filming True Eye...

What Now? And What's Next?!

If you like what you see here and want to use True Eye, share it or bring it to a theater near you - let us know! We're obsessed with listening to customer feedback, working with our design partners and creating the best video content in security awareness training for employees. Thanks for listening!

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