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Security Awareness 2020 Things You Can Do Today!

Security Awareness 2020

As you prepare to grow your security consciousness program in 2020, you are likely wondering what quick wins you can make to energize culture change. Look no further!

The Living Security Whitepaper is tailor-made for security awareness program owners, CISOs and future leaders to learn four powerful lessons from the front lines in 2019 and apply them TODAY.

As people designing programs for end users, it is absolutely essential to… 

  1. Debunk Myths, especially the myth that cyber criminals are untouchable. They are not superhuman, they are human. They do not wear gloves and masks and hide in basements. They work in coffee shops and workplaces and hide in plain sight. They are not anonymous. They make mistakes which reveal themselves online, and many are caught each year (because of these mistakes!) by global law enforcement agencies. End users need to know that cybersecurity is worth fighting for, and that the fight is not impossible; it is an opportunity to change the game.
  2. Celebrate People by recognizing employees across the organization for their unique abilities. If you are up to the challenge, perhaps even celebrate failure and turn each fail into a learning opportunity.  Get beyond mere behavior management and inspire people to lead more secure lifestyles by giving them practical tips and tricks, not cumbersome policy documents. They will appreciate that you are there to help them, not police them. 
  3. Tell a Story by drawing upon human experience. We all grow up hearing stories and metaphors and working together to play and create. We didn't grow up learning via death-by-powerpoint. If you want to create high-impact training content, look to the intersection of threat intelligence and storytelling. You will find powerful, relevant information to share with real people. Great stories capture the imagination. Great powerpoints capture the eyelids. 
  4. Win Hearts: Play games (like FREE security feud!) to immerse people in cybersecurity. When you can get people to high-five in the name of cybersecurity, you are doing something right. Then, on the back-end, the metrics you get from games help you learn your employees and how they communicate so you can wage powerful culture change. 

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A note from our CEO, Ashley Rose, on the Living Security Whitepaper:

"If you’ve spent any time around the cybersecurity community, it’s astounding to see the technological advancements and sheer number of solutions that are being offered to help companies reduce cyber risk and the devastating effects of breaches. While I believe these technical solutions and controls that are put in place at an organization are critical to the offensive and defensive strategies of combating cyber attacks, they can’t beat the cost of ignoring one of the largest areas of misunderstanding and greatest opportunities for enhanced defense — the human. 

We saw this year the financial motivations of cyber criminals and the use of social engineering, stolen PII and credentials, insider threats and misconfigured databases as some of the top risks in industries like IT, healthcare, professional and education. Without a shift in priority and executive support of awareness programs that advance beyond compliance, these threats will continue to predominate. A focus on maturing a security awareness training program means understanding what and how to drive behavior change at scale, intelligence into what threats present the greatest risk and producing insight through metric-driven feedback loops to consistently fine-tune and enhance each program.

You’ll see in this whitepaper how human-centered design and science-based applications like gamification and positive reinforcement are key to engaging and inspiring people as well as reinforcing concepts within a successful training program. You will gain insight into the importance of a strong security culture and how to uncover the cultural fabric of each organization, and much more. I’d like to thank my team, our advisors and the other subject matter experts involved for their passion for people and hard work in developing this whitepaper. We look forward to continuing to be a part of and contributing to impactful and human-centered solutions to this industry, and partnering with other providers to create a holistic and comprehensive defense for organizations around the world."

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