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Cyber Security Top 10 best games to make your employees aware

Cyber security can be FUN. 

Top 10 best games to make your employees aware of cyber security

Yep, you read that right! It is possible to create an environment in which people want to high-five in the name of cybersecurity. How, you ask? 

Games! Security awareness through games allows employees to have fun while learning and feel a sense of engagement that is significantly higher than death-by-powerpoint.

Studies show that the brain is 68% more involved when having fun. 

In light of the fact that 90% of cyber attacks are due to human error, appealing to the human side of your employees is not just a luxury; it is a necessity. 

Game-based learning presents many of these opportunities; one of which is the fact that you can gradually advance skill by immersing people in real-life simulations and rewarding them according to their performance. But it’s not all based on merit.

Within simulations and games, you can learn to appreciate failure as a learning opportunity, reward participation and identify highly-engaged employees. Play is practice for the real thing!

Here are a few resources across the security awareness industry which can help you get started today. Ready, set, go!

10 games to train employees on cyber security

1- Keep Tradition Secure

The game is part of a series of games developed by Texas A&M Information Technology with the aim of promoting the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. In it, a hacker codenamed "Bad Bull" threatens the traditions of the Texas A&M campus. To track the threat, the user needs to answer relevant cybersecurity questions while roaming the campus. Check out each of the games the team has created since 2010

2-Cyber ​​Awareness Challenge

This game plays on the idea of ​​going back to the future when a 2030 message is announced as an urgent warning of past security incidents that are seriously affecting life in the future. The user aims to prevent the occurrence of these incidents or to use evidence from files in the case for the types of situations presented. Designed by the armed forces, the game promotes awareness of the scale of the impact of current incidents in the future. The goal is to lower the overall status of the threat and change the future.

3- Targeted Attack: The Game

In this game a video is presented to the user where he can choose the strategy, the way forward and a defined budget. The idea is to transform the user into a CIO at Fugle Inc with the power to make decisions to protect confidential company information exposed to possible security problems. The goal is to make good use of the budget by making the best decisions.

4- Zero Threat

Having the network under constant threat is an experience that no one wants to have. This game carries simulated risks such as malicious websites, infected devices, breaches, phishing emails, social engineering and other common attacks. The game can be a good training tool.

5- Game of Threats

The user can participate in this game You both as an attacker and as a defender, experiencing time management in seconds while your company's precious valuable information resources are under threat. This game was developed by PwC with a focus on threats simulating cyber attacks to raise the awareness of executives in understanding what are the main decisions to be made in a short time.

6- Cybersecurity Lab

In this game the user is challenged to lead cybersecurity as the CTO of a social networking startup (options include simulated fictional media "Einstagram", "SnapCat", "WattsAmp" and "Phasebook") against increasingly gradual attacks The idea is that the user reinforces the defenses to ward off attacks in diverse challenges that involve breaking password, code and confidential information.

7- Cyber Escape Room

Escape rooms are already considered one of the great innovations in entertainment today, amusing adults and children. Now imagine what it can do when it is themed in cyber security? Living Security's Cyber Escape Room is a major innovation. The unique experience brings together all the key components of a successful training program - hands-on and fun learning combined with comprehensive and relevant training to promote cybersecurity awareness that generates results in a fun way escaping threats. It is also possible to scale the company with the “Train the Trainer” licensing of the solution, which allows you to manage, sell, host and measure your own Escape Room experience. See in the video how it works. It is possible to request a demo at the title link.


8- Hot Spot - Hunt for the Violations!

Time is running out and in this simulation of habitual violations in a work environment the user is challenged to identify and eliminate them before time runs out. The game is a simplified simulation of an office with several security oversights scattered around the environment. Discover them if you are capable and see if you are prepared to change the habits that allow the avenge of insecurity in the company

9- Security Feud

Security Feud is a Free, interactive Family Feud Style Game(PPT). Seven rounds. Easy to schedule, recurring fun game. Do you ever feel like large-scale security awareness solutions are a little unwieldy?! Cue Security Feud: a brand-new, FREE resource for those looking to dip their toes into security awareness gamification! Security Feud is a fun, manageable step toward immersive learning, available now for October Cyber Security month. We crowdsourced 19 cyber security-themed questions to create this awesome resource just for you!

10- Craft a Phish

Do you want to know your level of knowledge about common phishing traps on the internet? So you have to click on this quiz game from Living Security about phishing with real screens of current ongoing threats on the internet that often deceive us about what is real and what is someone trying to breach your security.


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Gamefied learning has quickly become a common method for employee learning because it works. Using entertainment as a means of attention and retention will help you wage culture change in a big way. 

Living Security’s Escape Room

Don’t get us wrong. There are a number of amazing games above. But we can promise you’ve never experienced anything as immersive and innovative as Living Security's escape rooms. 

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